A Short History of Forth Ports

In December 1967, the Forth Harbour Reorganisation Scheme, constituting Forth Ports Authority ("FPA"), became law by Act of Parliament. Forth Ports was a public trust port responsible for six ports grouped within the Firth of Forth namely - Leith (a trust administered port), Granton (a private company), Grangemouth, Methil and Burntisland (all controlled by British Transport Docks Board) and Kirkcaldy (owned by the Burgh of Kirkcaldy).

In 1975 and 1984 marine terminals became operational within the Firth of Forth at Hound Point and Braefoot Bay respectively.

In 1988 FPA assumed responsibility for the provision of pilotage within the Firth of Forth.

In July 1989, the National Dock Labour Scheme was abolished which enabled ports that were originally under the Scheme to radically change their labour practices.

In July 1991 Royal Assent was granted to The Ports Act providing that any trust port could, with the consent of the Secretary of State, become a private limited company.

In 1992 FPA successfully transferred into the private sector as Forth Ports and was listed on the London Stock Exchange on 23rd March 1992.

In 1995 Forth Ports acquired the Port of Tilbury London Limited ("POTL") on the Thames and the Port of Dundee Limited on the River Tay.

In 1997 the Port of Rosyth was established and in 1999, Forth Ports acquired further land at Rosyth which enabled the port area to be extended to nearly 100 acres.

In 2004 Forth Ports acquired a 50% shareholding in Multi-Link Terminals Limited ("MLT") a container terminal operator with terminals in Finland (Helsinki and Kotka) and Russia (Kotlin Island, St. Petersburg).

In 2006 Forth Ports sold its interest in MLT following a decision by MLT's other shareholder to acquire back Forth Ports's shares in MLT.

In 2007, Forth Ports acquired the Nordic Group of companies based at Chatham in Kent.

In 2011, Forth Ports was acquired by Arcus Infrastructure Partners, an independent fund manager specialising in European infrastructure.

In January 2012, Forth Ports completed the £95m acquisition of Tilbury Container Services, which they have subsequently renamed London Container Terminal.

In October 2018, PSP Investments acquired Arcus' majority stake in Forth Ports Limited to become majority shareholder alongwith other minority co-investors

2017 will be a busy cruise season for Scotland and London

Ports of Leith, Rosyth, Dundee and Tilbury

London Container Terminal handles in excess of half a million containers per year

Port of Tilbury

Ideally located for high quality support facilities for the North Sea Oil & Gas industry

Port of Leith

Hyundai import all their UK 75k cars per annum via the Port of Tilbury

Port of Tilbury

Scotland's largest container port, Grangemouth handles around 9m
tonnes of cargo per year

Port of Grangemouth

The Port of Rosyth's heavy lifting capability was underlined with the arrival of deck sections for the new Forth crossing

Port of Rosyth

Scotland's premier jack-up, deep sea servicing and decommissioning port

Port of Dundee

Forth Ports manages and operates an area of 280 square miles of navigable waters' River Forth and Tay

Forth Bridges


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