SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement Details for LCT and Grangemouth

SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement - 1st July 2016


Forth Ports container terminals will be equipped with industry leading technology to electronically receive or provide the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for all laden export containers scheduled to be loaded on board after 0001 hours on 1st July 2016.

Both London and Grangemouth container terminals have invested heavily in weighing technology that ensures the integrity of the existing operational procedures for both landside and shipside operations, providing flexible options for customers to submit or acquire a VGM ahead of loading cut off times. We will be equipped to provide weights that will be fully compliant with the new International Maritime Organisation legislation.

This document outlines the general processes and charging schedules in place at both the London and Grangemouth container terminals.



All containers due to be loaded on board a vessel after 0001 hours on 1st July 2016 will be required to have a VGM ahead of vessel cut off times. This can be provided either by:


1. Requesting the terminal to weigh your container (TVGM)




2. Providing the terminal with an electronic VGM certificate1


1 Grangemouth Container Terminal non community system EDI linked customers should discuss arrangements directly with the terminal


For all export laden containers arriving at the container terminals, the shipping line must indicate whether a TVGM is required or provide a VGM ahead of vessel cut off. The failure to indicate a requirement for TGVM or to transmit a VGM will result in London or Grangemouth container terminals automatically providing the TVGM along with its associated charges.


1. Requesting the terminal to weigh your container (TVGM)


Your shipping line or nominated agent will indicate the TVGM request as part of the electronic pre exec message sent via Destin8 or CNS Compass community systems.1

As your container arrives at the interchange area, our weighing equipment will determine the VGM and pass this and our electronic signature to the shipping lines for vessel planning purposes.

Where Forth Ports is requested to provide the TVGM, this is undertaken as a service provision on behalf of the shipper and all responsibility for the declaration of weights under the regulations shall at all times remain with the shipper.


SW.MSw Rev1 May 2016

We have invested in sufficient equipment to ensure that there is no impact to the haulier and the associated gate transactions at either of the terminals. The vehicles and boxes will be processed in line with current procedures.


2. Providing the terminal with an electronic VGM Certificate


Where your shipping line or nominated agent has indicated within the pre exec message that the shipper will provide a VGM and this is not available on arrival of the container at the interchange area we will await the information’s arrival up to a maximum of:

1. Cut off times for short sea and feeder vessels will be communicated by your shipping line or nominated agent




2. 24 hours ahead of the berthing of a deep sea vessel


If the VGM information has not arrived ahead of these cut off points, the TVGM will be used for planning purposes.


Many shipping lines are providing a means of submitting VGM electronically which will in turn be passed to the terminal. For more information on the required process, please contact your shipping line or nominated agent directly. 1


Where the difference between the shippers VGM and the Terminal VGM is greater than ±5% or ± 500kg of the terminal VGM the terminal VGM will be used and a mis-declaration charge will be levied as per the schedule of charges indicated below.

A further communication will be issued as to the exact date upon which both London and Grangemouth container terminals will be in a position to receive and send VGM related information from/to the community systems.


Charging Structure

Forth Ports Group will implement the following charges as a direct result of implementation of the SOLAS regulations: Item



SOLAS Administration and Compliance (all export laden containers)



Shipper provided VGM post ingate but before vessel cut off

No additional charge to Item 1


Terminal Requested to provide VGM (TVGM)



VGM Mis-declaration



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